Coffins can be a major signifier in the character of the deceased, detailing opulence, comfort, smartness, dignity or glamour.

There are various choices to be made when deciding on a coffin, these include:

  • Solid Wood or Veneered
  • Coffin Style type
  • Exterior finish of coffin

Here at Martins we are here to offer advice and ideas on a choice of coffins to suit your requirements including simple basic, oak and environmentally friendly designs.

All our coffins are hand crafted and of BRITISH manufacture. All materials used are of FSC ( Link to FSC site ) trademark – this being the trademark recognised as the environmental standard of wood products.

English Willow coffins are beautifully handwoven by skilled craftsmen with long family histories in willow weaving, using traditional methods and great attention to detail. Willow has been grown on the Somerset levels for centuries and as it regenerates easily once harvested, it has become a popular sustainable choice. Different colours are achieved by using natural methods of drying, boiling or stripping of the willow bark.

Economical cardboard coffins are made of at least 70% recycled paper and wood pulp sourced from reputable sustainable forests. Constructed to a special design, these coffins can carry up to 23 stone in weight. Basic cardboard coffins come in three different appearances, all supplied with natural rope handles. The white coffin can also be chosen in a different single colour.  All cardboard coffins are 100% biodegradable, as no plastic is used when making these.